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Towelroot APK

The best thing about Android is its unlimited freedom. But most of the manufacturers limit this freedom by customizing Android in their way, restricting this freedom. Can you get back this freedom by rooting your Android device worried about rooting process? Don’t worry you can do that directly using an app called Towelroot apk.

What is Rooting

Rooting is a technique that allows you to unlock the full potential of Android operating system you can customize your Android according to your tastes. You can remove all those memories to suck bloatware that is pre-installed you can even remove Google apps.

A rooted device lets you use some mod APKS that gives you unlimited access to the Android world. The most important thing you join the list of Android Pro users.

Benefits of Rooting

  • You can play with many excellent apps that can’t be used on conventional Android devices.
  • You can hack games like subway surfers, Temple run and candy crush for unlimited access to coins, lives, and gems.
  • You can tweak with Android core settings.
  • You can learn more about Android OS.
  • If you want you can try out latest flavors of Android even if your device doesn’t support. It can be done by mods known as Cyanogen/lineage OS.

The traditional rooting methods involve a complicated rooting process. But we at the Techuhow Blog guide you through a simple rooting technique with just one single click.

Yes with just one simple click you can root your Android device thanks to Towelroot apk.

What is Towelroot APK?

Towelroot APK is an Android rooting software that eases the rooting procedure with one simple click. Towelroot APK is available free of cost, and you can use it without any restrictions.

Why Choose Towelroot For Android?

  • You can try various exciting tricks on a rooted Android device.
  • You can try OS like linage OS (Cyanogen etc.).
  • Be the boss of your Android device.

Features Of Towelroot APK

  • Ease of use just one click rooting.
  • Hassle free installation and setup.
  • Doesn’t prompt for installing a bundle of apps. Towelroot APK takes care of all those.
  • Doesn’t require PC.
  • Rooting made easy.

Download and Install Towelroot APK v3.0

Towelroot APK is not available on google play store you can download it externally from a trusted source like us. To download Towelroot APK click on the download link below. The link gives you latest version of Towelroot APK.


Since Towelroot APK is downloaded from an external source, you need to grant the permission for installing apps from external sources in your Android navigate to settings –> security unknown source(enable it).

Once done the install, the Towelroot APK downloaded and launched it.

Check List Before Using Towelroot APK

  • Make sure your battery is fully charged.
  • Backup your data on your Android device.

How to Root Your Android Device With Towelroot APK

Once you launch the app, you will find a button indicating “make it rain.”

All you need is simply to tap it.

Towelroot APK will take care of rest of procedure.

Once the rooting process is done, your device will reboot, and you can enjoy the benefits of rooting.

Towelroot has support for the majority of devices, but some tablets deny to accept Towelroot. Don’t worry the list is small.

Is your device not supported?

Unfortunately, if your device is in the list of devices that are not supporting Towelroot, you can still perform rooting using Towelroot with an alternate technique.

Alternative Use of Towelroot APK for Unsupported Devices

  • Just download and install the Towelroot as usually.
  • Launch the app, if you are prompted by a warning stating “ your device is not compatible” try this method.
  • Click on the prompt box consecutively for three times. Once you do that you will find a text box where you need to enter some characters called Mod strings.
  • Here are the mod lines you need to enter in the text field

1337 0 1 0 40

1337 0 1 7380 4 0

1337 0 1 0 4 0

  • Just type them as is and recheck twice, upon success entry the towelroot apk supports your device and hit on “make it rain button.” Reboot your device once done.
  • It’s done, happy rooting.

Faqs on Rooting a Phone

1) How does rooting help me?

You can control everything related to your Android phone. You can delete apps you don’t like. Rooting even lets you hack wifi networks to find the passwords with rooting you become the superuser governing your Android OS.

2) How does Towelroot handle the rooting process?

In general, rooting is a complicated process that involves several steps. But Towelroot manages this complex process and reduces the risk on rooting. You don’t need to enter recovery mode, search for multiple settings, doesn’t require the involvement of PC, etc.

All you need is Towelroot APK and our simple guide to ease things.

3) How does Towelroot APK work?

Towelroot APK makes users of a bug in Linux kernel used by Android OS. Taking advantage of this, Towelroot roots the Android devices in one tap.

4) Towelroot team

Towelroot APK is developed by a famous hacker called Geohot by name. He is famous for finding vulnerabilities in Apple and Sony products.

5) Is it safe to use Towelroot?

Towelroot is very safe and straightforward app to perform rooting. The only thing you need to make sure is to download it from a secure source like us or else you might become a victim of malware, adware or hackers.

6) Can I revert the rooting process

Yes, you can unroot your device if you don’t want to enjoy benefits of rooting. Unroot is very much simple, and you can do that at any point in time. Also as mentioned earlier that rooting terminates your device warranty you can get back that warranty by unrooting your device.

7) Towelroot’s compatibility of devices.

Towelroot supports almost all the latest devices; you need a minimum Android version of KitKat and above.

8) Issues and cautions with rooting?

Rooting may brick your phone if not done properly making it useless. So do with caution.

9) I’m a novice, can I do rooting?

Yes, you can, the primary purpose of this article is to make novice Android users get their hands on rooting so that they can.

Rooting will violate the terms of warranty so root your device at your risk.

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Towelroot APK is an Android rooting software that eases the rooting procedure with one simple click. Towelroot APK is available free of cost, and you can use it without any restrictions.


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