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Framaroot APK

Do you guys know about Framaroot apk?

Well, Have you ever felt sick of useless pre-installed Android apps consuming your Smartphone’s memory and effecting the performance of your device?

Have you ever felt like tweaking your Android phone according to your need and taste? Do you wish to upgrade your default Android version to the latest flavor that doesn’t support your old device?

If the answer to the above questions is “Yes” then this article is for you. In this article we are going to introduce you to the world of Android customization by guiding you to root your device to unlock the full potential of your Android device, using a small Android utility called “Framaroot APK.”

What is meant by Rooting?

Have you ever heard of this word “Rooting” which is related to the Android operating system?

Wondering what it is? Well here is the small piece of information regarding rooting. Rooting is a little hack to your Android device to gain complete access to your Smartphone. It lets you control the device the way you want.

Using a regular Android phone, you can play games, do browsing, listen to music, use some apps for entertainment and work. But with a rooted device, you can do beyond that breaking the limits.

You can explore more out of Android and learn many things.

How to do rooting?

In general to root a device you need to go through a complicated process that involves several steps.

One must access the root menu, use some apps to unlock the ROM, install some custom ROM’s, etc. By connecting to PC.

This is a bit risky, and this is why many users don’t root their device.

Is there an easy way?

Don’t worry we at Techuhow blog always work to turn complex tasks into simple tasks. So that our users always stay ahead.

In this article, we will explain you a process that roots your device in one go and with the simple click. Thinking of how? Thanks to the great tool called “Framearoot APK” that reduced the risk of rooting.

What is Framaroot?

Framaroot APK is a smart Android APK that helps you root any Android in a straightforward and secure way. Ever since its launch framaroot has become the choice of many Android lovers, who wants to root their device. The reason behind its instant popularity is simple but powerful working procedure. It secure method reduces the chances of bricking your phone.

Features of Framaroot APK

  • Easy and flexible to use.
  • Supports huge list of Android devices.
  • Roots any device at one go.
  • Secure and less failure rate.

Download Framaroot APK

You can’t find Framaroot APK on Google Play Store to download Google doesn’t allow such apps. Still, it is safe to use such apps if you download these apps from a trusted source.

We at Techuhow Blog is one of trusted source to such APK’S.

So you can download FramaRoot APK from the download link given below, without any hesitation or second thought.


The size of APK is less than 2mb, so you don’t need to worry about your smartphone storage as it takes less memory.

Store the downloaded file at local storage in your Android mobile.

How to Install Framaroot APK On Android

You can’t directly install Framaroot app similar to that app you have downloaded from Google’s Play store.

Unlike Play Store apps, you need to install Framaroot manually as it is downloaded externally.

You need to follow few simple steps before installing Framaroot.


Go to settings in your android mobile and navigate to security settings.


Now enable an option called “Allow installation from unknown sources.”

This to prevent Android from blocking the installation of Framaroot.

If you are already aware of this or enabled just ignore the above two steps.

Now locate the downloaded APK in the file manager and install the Framaroot to your device.

How to Root Android Device With Framaroot

Upon successful installation, it’s time to put Framaroot APK into action. Here is a simple step guide to root with Framaroot. Once you launch the app if you find a message stating “Your device is not vulnerable to exploit included in Framaroot.” Then the chances are that your device can’t be rooted using Framaroot. Don’t feel worried; you still have a chance.

If you are not prompted with above message, then you can root your device using Framaroot.

Going further you will find three options.

1) Install Super Su

This is the main action to be taken to root your phone. This step will install an app called Super Su which roots and manages all Superuser permissions.

Status codes for Super Su

Success: Your device has been rooted successfully. It’s time to enjoy the benefits of rooting.

Failed: Exploit was found but it couldn’t be handled properly.

Framaroot crash/freeze: Close the framaroot and retry installing Super Su again.

2) Unroot

This option is to unroot the rooted phone. So framaroot can be used to unroot the device so that you can get back to normal state again.

3) Execute Script

This is for advanced users. So it is advised not to go with this option which Is a bit risky if mishandled.

Troubleshooting Guide for Framaroot app

If you get an error code showing any number less than or equal to 9, then the device is not supported. If you get error code as ten then you need to use the latest version of Framaroot than a current one.

Best Framaroot Alternatives Rooting Apps

Well if your device is not vulnerable to framaroot exploit you can still root your device using a powerful apk called Towelroot APK. It is known for his enormous list of supporting devices. You can root your device with the single click using Towelroot. Follow this simple one-step guide for using Towelroot.


With the ever growing mod, APK ecosystem rooting can be done at the single click. Thanks to hackers and developers who made such easy ways.

Keep visiting us more Android tips and latest tricks. If you have any problem with Framaroot please let us know through comments we are happy to assist you.

Framaroot App
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Framaroot APK is a smart Android APK that helps you root any Android in a straightforward and secure way. Ever since its launch framaroot has become the choice of many Android lovers, who wants to root their device.


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