Cartoon HD APK | Install Cartoon HD to Your Android Devices [2017]

Cartoon hd apk

Do you know about Cartoon HD Apk ?

Tired of paying your hard earned bucks to watch your favorite shows on video streaming services like Netflix, Google play movies?

Well, don’t worry we are back again to help you save your wallet. Why spend money when you can get entertained for free!

Aren’t you amazed if we say that you can watch almost any show at free of charge?

Yes, what you heard is true, and you can do that using a popular app called Cartoon HD APK. It is an excellent app to watch your favorite shows.

What is Cartoon HD APK?

Cartoon HD APK is a decent app to watch all your favorite shows under one hood. You can stream your favorite shows at any time with no restrictions the greatest thing is” it’s free free forever” you don’t need to pay for anything.

In one go Cartoon, HD app is one stop portal for all your entertainment needs. Cartoon HD feature a vast catalog of diverse genres of films and cartoon shows. You can access all the seasons of your favorite cartoon shows that made your childhood excellent with a high-speed internet connection you can watch these shows on the go.

Features of Cartoon HD

  • Cartoon HD is a like a box full of treasure. You can find and watch whole lots of shows.
  • Unlimited access.
  • It’s completely free, no subscription charges.
  • Huge list of movies.
  • It is like Google play movies app with restrictions.
  • Lets you watch at any time.
  • No geo restrictions like YouTube.
  • Available across many platforms like android, ios and windows desktop, Blackberry and Amazon Kindle.
  • Simple user interface.
  • One of the ultimate feature packed inside Cartoon HD APK it lets you download any movie you want to your device so that you can watch offline.


Resolution and Quality

cartoon hd app

Speaking about resolution cartoon HD APK allows you to watch or download movies in many resolutions. The list includes 360P, 480P, 720P and 1020P. Also, some movies are available in 3D mode and Imax mode If your device supports 3d movies at your place. Also if you want to watch it on your mobile device, you can choose custom resolution as per your mobile device.

Simple search

cartoon hd apk download

The app features a simple search tool to help you find your favorite with ease and one simple click.

Custom Filters

download cartoon hd

The filters inside this app help you to keep an eye on what’s going on and update you with the latest. These filters also help you to find top lists in each genre helps you sort by narrowing results.

TV shows

cartoon hd

You can search for and explore your favorite shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Supernatural, the blacklist, the big bang theory, baskets (2016), super girl (2015), Priyanka Chopra’s, Quantico (2015), etc. which are very much popular TV shows. You can find a huge list of TV shows.

Latest and Popular movies

movie apk

Using Cartoon HD app, you can download or watch latest movies like Captain America: civil war (2016), legion (2017), Lego Star Wars: the free maker, shadow hunters (2016), shades of blue Now you see me 2 (2016), etc. You can download them for free and add to your favorites collection on your device.

All these exciting cool features had made this app to be very attractive for entertainment lovers.

Wondering how to get this functionality gorgeous Cartoon HD app follow our simple step by step guide to enjoying movies for free.

Cartoon HD APK Download

Unfortunately, this beautiful app isn’t available on Google play store as it is against to play store policies. But don’t worry you can still get it from a trusted source like Techuhow Blog

How to download Cartoon HD APK?

To enjoy cartoon HD, APK all you need is to simply click on the download link given below with just on tap on the button you can download Cartoon HD app file to your device.

Cartoon HD APK is available at a size less than 4mb. Hope it’s good news for all those memory concerned people. When compared to other services like Netflix, play movies and youtube. The app size is tiny. The simple UI takes credit to all.

Installation of Cartoon HD APK

Once the download of Cartoon HD app apk file is done navigate to it using the file manager on your device.

Before installing you need to adjust your device settings by following this simple guide.

  1. Go to settings in your android menu.
  2. Navigate to security settings.
  3. Now find an option called Enable installation from unknown source. Turn it on to install the app.

cartoon hd app

This is because the app is installed manually and not from official Google play store, you need to activate this option otherwise Android will block the installation.

Once the setting is enabled install the app by clicking on the download APK.
latest cartoon hd app install done Cartoon HD APK

Upon successful installation launch the app from your Android app drawer.

Well, it’s down now you are welcomed into the world of entertainment to mention the movie ride again is completely free to watch and download.

The home screen will display the latest updates and if you want you can customize it using filters and collections as mentioned earlier.

Other Platforms

This excellent app is available for other platforms will cover the installation of further updates for each platform.

Final Verdict

If you need to enjoy the unlimited downloading and streaming at zero dollars nothing is going to be better than cartoon HD APK. So without and other thought just download the app and add to your most used list.

Pros and cons

The only concern regarding the app is it display ads. But they don’t interrupt while watching the movie. So no disturbance in the film experience.

Well, its time to watch movies one Cartoon HD app without interruption. Meanwhile, don’t forget to follow us on our social media channels Facebook, Twitter, Google.

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Cartoon HD APP
  • Cartoon HD APP Review


Cartoon HD APK is a decent app to watch all your favorite shows under one hood. You can stream your favorite shows at any time with no restrictions the greatest thing is” it's free free forever” you don’t need to pay for anything.


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