Passive Search Training…!!

What is Passive Search? Why required?

Mostly in the current era passive sourcing is booming head hunting techniques it plays a major role in the recruitment process. People who are not in the job market and not actively looking for job change and very rare in the market (mostly top management level and senior levels) means these people don’t post their resume on any job boards/Portals. If those people are approached via head hunting or cold calling 60-70% will show their interest in the new opportunities.

Why has Passive Search?

Passive candidates are considered to be more desirable because it is a fact that they are performing well at their workplace and feel generally fulfilled and satisfied.

This candidate symbolizes many of the desirable characteristics the recruiters needed/seek and are usually stable in their current job and organization.

These candidates are more loyal and committed –they are not looking for jobs on any job portals.

How has Passive Search?


LinkedIn is the best marketplace to find passive candidates it is very user-friendly and easy to use and understand it.

Step 1:

Firstly you need to make an account on LinkedIn. Then login to your account you need to add as many connections you can to cover more candidates bellow page you will see after login. As the arrow shows the suggestion to keep in touch you can add as many you can. Once you add one connection you will be directed to “people you may know page” there you will find lots of connections to connect.

 Linkedin Login Page

Step 2

Go to Advance search option is shown in bellow image

Advance Search

There are lots of option shown for search

Search with keywords

Search with location

Search with title and more….


For keywords, you need a knowledge of Boolean Keywords like AND, OR, NOT operations

Refer video to learn more Click Here

Passive search is mostly all about keywords…More strong keywords you make….

More quality candidates you will find…


If there is a requirement for XYZ company for senior Java developer with SQL experience location is in San Francisco Bay Area, California.

Step 3: – Understanding The Job Description and make relevant keywords using boolean Operations

Step 4: – Go to advance search and fill details… as bellow.

Keywords used: Java AND SQL

Title used: (Senior OR Sr) AND (“Developer” OR “Programmer”)

Location selected: San Francisco Bay Area

Industry Selected: Information Technology and Services

Same in advance search there are also premium features which you can use to get more quality candidates..In above advance search option orange icon options are the premium features.

 Step 5: – Now click search to see search results

Search Results

Step 6: – Now you can see the results which show highlighted Keywords you used to make boolean strings… 

Step 7: – Now the headhunting part begins open resumes find quality and try to find their contact details…..and start cold calling them. You can share new Job Opportunities/Business Proposals/ or any new Opportunities and try to close your Candidate/Business Deal…

To Know How to Find contact Details Click Here 


Keep practicing this if you have any doubts then you can add a comment or need resume sourcing and contact information finding service then send email at

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