Top 10 Xiaomi MIUI 8 Features – That You Should Know

Recently Xiaomi India introduces MIUI 8 at the launch event. Well, Xiaomi’s new ROM comes with tons of great MIUI 8 Features and lots of new improvement that you should know.

The public beta has already available for eligible Xiaomi devices, and stable version will be available from 16 August.

Do you want to know more about Xiaomi’s new ROM and Xiaomi Top 10 MIUI 8 Features ?

MIUI 8 Features

So, Today we wrote an article about Top 10 Xiaomi MIUI 8 Features. In this article, We cover everything about MIUI Rom including MIUI 8 Features (Where I list down my favourite Top 10 features), Eligible Devices, Some Stats and Facts of MIUI, ROM Download link, and Release Date.

MIUI (pronounced “Me You I“) is the first product of Xiaomi they introduce it on 18 August 2010 that was one year before Xaiomi launched their very first smartphone.

What is MIUI?

Mainly its UI (User Interface) a stock and aftermarket firmware for smartphones that based on the Google Android operating system.

[note]Some Stats and Facts of MIUI[/note]

Can you believe it

  • MIUI has now 200 million active users globally.
  • According to data from Nielsen MIUI  users here in India are 33% more active than average.
  • According to Mobikwik MIUI users are the biggest online spender among all the internet users. They spend 25% more than the average user.

[note]Things that you should know about MIUI 8[/note]

Xaiomi team took more focus on Colours for developing his new ROM. Its comes with a brand-new color palette scheme with many new visual effects. The implementations of colours are amazing. new MIUI Inspired by colours of Kaleidoscope.   

What Kaleidoscope is?colours of Kaleidoscope

A kaleidoscope is an optical instrument or a toy, typically a cylinder with mirrors containing loose, colored objects such as pebbles and bits of glass. As the viewer looks into one end, light entering the other end creates a colourful pattern, due to repeated reflection in the mirrors.

MIUI 8 has a new colour scheme and now MIUI convey information in the experience that floats very very naturally.

For Example:MIUI 8 launched by Hugo Barra Xiaomi Event June 2016

The colour on MIUI calendar was inspired by seasons of the year, going from the blue for the winter to green for the spring and the orange for the summer. Changing colour changing shapes every month of the year. Sounds cool right?

And also with new MIUI ROM  they continued using Animations as the main key factor. Animations are cool to look at and also useful and logical.

For Example:

When you turned on Wi-fi the animation and colour make are changed and clear that you are connected.

wifi connect

wifi miui


[note]Xiaomi MIUI 8 Beta Eligible Devices[/note]

The following are the list of  Xiaomi smartphones to get MIUI 8 Beta update here in India.

Xiaomi MI 5Xiaomi Redmi Note 3
Xiaomi MI MaxXiaomi Redmi Note 2
Xiaomi Note 4iXiaomi Redmi Note
Xiaomi Note 4Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime
Xiaomi Note 3Xiaomi Redmi 2
Xiaomi Note 2Xiaomi Redmi 1s

[note]MIUI 8 Beta Rom Download Link[/note]

download link of MIUI 8 Beta ROM for your Xiaomi smartphones. Grab it, download ROM and install to get awesome experience with MIUI 8 Features.

[note]Top 10 MIUI 8 Features[/note]

Herec we list down Top 10 MIUI 8 Features

At the launch event, Xiaomi team talk a lot about features and yes, the features are amazing and impressive.

MIUI has a new slogan saying “Simplify Your Life.” In my opinion, this slogan matches the MIUI 8 update.

To prove that MIUI does simplify our life, which I think they significantly make our life easier.

 [note]1# Dual App[/note]

Dual App MIUI8

Generally, in the smartphone, even if you have two sim cards in a phone it only allows one WhatsApp account to be logged in at the same time.

Let’s assume that you have two WhatsApp account with different data in one smartphone. One for personal one for work, how amazing is that right?

Do you want to use two WhatsApp account at the same time?

Dual App Feature one of my favourites, and I know you also love it. This feature allows you to use the same app with two different data in one phone which makes it possible to log in with different accounts.

It’s very useful features for Social media and gaming app

not only WhatsApp you can also use two accounts for clash of clans gaming app.

[note]#2 Scrolling Screen Shots – Capture it all[/note]

The one problem I faced every day, I take the screenshot every single day for posted on social media or my blog.

Let’s say

If I want to take any screenshot of my WhatsApp conversion which is several screens long so what I end up doing, take a screenshot of the first page, then scroll down then take a screenshot of the second page. at the end i come up with two separate images to share.

Which is annoying right ?

screenshot miui 8

But this unique feature from MIUI ROM solves our problem.

Instead of taking several screenshots on a long page, now we can take a long screenshot.

Screen Shot MIUI 8

Below shows how to use long screenshot feature:

Take a screenshot of anything and you can see the preview on the right side click on it than scrolling as far as you need and tap on done.

It’s easy to use. Right?

how to use long screenshot feature in MIUI 8

[note]3# Quick Ball[/note]


A Great feature comes in an easy way. It’s a very simple feature that helps us a lot; MIUI Officials named it a Quick ball or Shortcut menu. I think which is inspired by Apple Assistive Touch

With a floating panel on the screen, you can easily use your Android smartphone. More conveniently, you can quickly access to all your favorite apps, games, settings, and quick toggle.

This feature is very handy if you get used to it, and definitely, let us control our phone more efficiently.

Below shows How Quick Ball Works:


[note]4# Second Space -keep your data private[/note]


Turn your smartphone into two phone, two different space with two separate home screen. It’s similar concept of multiple PC users, where you have more than one user using one PC.

Two entirely different spaces with the different password and different lock screens.

miui feature

Separate gallery each with your photos and videos even better different set of data across all the apps.

This feature helps you to share the phone with another family member without exposing your private info.

It’s very useful feature for those users who usually share their phones with other families or friends.


Calculator 1

A simple function in an advanced way. Each and every smartphone have this feature but in MIUI calculator comes with tons of advanced features.

It can automatically do the conversion for you. Wight conversions, temperature conversions, currency conversions and lot more.

[note]#6 Gallery[/note]

MIUI gallery is now updated with advanced features. Well, while traveling I used to take lot’s of panorama shots, but the problem is when I take a panorama and store them, this what they look like in Gallery.

gallery miui

In MIUI 8 there is a better way to browse panoramas.

miui feature 2

This is what they look like in new MIUI gallery. You clearly see panoramas shots in the different way which is far better that previous one, sounds simple and very effective.

They made a change in sharing options now in MIUI you just need to swipe up on the image that you want to share and done. Share your quality images on social media with just a single tap. It awesome right?

[note]#7 Image Editor[/note]

image editor miui 8

Previous image editor upgrades with some cool features that allow us to do some great editing. Well, they added more options to doodles like RGB Color Selection, Different Pen Tools and also they added more setting for image adjustment.

As you can see from this edited image, they added Stickers feature to bring fun into the picture.

[note]#8 Video Editor[/note]


One of most requests features from MIUI fan.

Now you don’t need to install 3rd party apps to edit video on you Xiaomi smartphone.

Well, you can trim video in real-time, add texts on the video, add effects on the video and add custom music from your storage on the video.

[note]#9 Status Bar[/note]

staus bar miui 8

MIUI status bar updated with card stock style and it is similar to stock Android. Well, you can get stock Android experience with it.

They added some advanced feature in the status bar like Combine toggles and notifications on one page. 

Weather info which is use to know weather forecast in our current location by checking the status bar color like green for sunny, sea blue for cloudy, royal blue for rain and indigo for clear.

Sound’s cool.  Right?

[note]#10 Dialer[/note]

MIUI is the first OS to support T9 Hindi. You can search for contacts in Hindi to right click from the dial pad; you don’t need to go for the search.

Dialer app miui 8

They added caller id to dialer from cloud source reports that helps you to find who is call you before taking the call.


Does MIUI New ROM simplify our life?

Yes, after personally using it on my Redmi Note 3 I satisfied with the performance. Features help us to simplify our life.

I highly recommend to use it on your Xiaomi smartphones and get an excellent experience.

“Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely”. Auguste Rodin

That’s it for now if you like this article, please share with your friends.

And wait

I want to ask you something.

Which feature do you like most in MIUI 8”  do let me know in the comment box.

Thank you

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