Grammarly Review: Is This Grammar Checker Worth It?

If you are a blogger and have difficulty in grammar, you must be searching for a tool which will help you. You must have come across the suggestion of using the Grammarly tool. right ?

Grammarly is the very popular tool as an online grammar checker. In this post, we will explore all the pros and cons of Grammarly.

You can then decide whether Grammarly suits your need or not.


Grammarly offers grammar checker service. It is an accurate tool which explains the grammar rules.

Grammarly can ensure error-free content which will not have a single grammatical mistake. It is an automated proofreader.

It also works as virtual grammar coach. It can’t find all the grammatical errors but it will give you the higher rate of accuracy.

It gives numerous tools and features to correct the mistakes. In all the other tools, Grammarly stood out with its features.

It offers all the feedback tools as well as editing tools which make it easy and convenient to use. Grammarly is recommended because of its simple, easy to operate and modern interface. Let us discuss what it provides.


Grammarly can check most of the grammar errors, but it is not as perfect as human editor.

With Grammarly, you can get accuracy rate up to 95%. No other competing product could find error with such great accuracy.

Microsoft word can check errors in your content giving accuracy up to 78%. Grammarly can find out any spelling mistake within the content.

The tool can also point out capitalization mistake. You will also notice errors in using articles, using negations, using prepositions, adjectives, adverbs and modifiers.

Grammarly also finds errors in sentence punctuations or bad structures.

Editing and Feedback

Grammarly offers numerous editing and feedback tools.

You will get synonym suggestions for your content which can improve your content quality with enhanced vocabulary.

Grammarly is a must have the tool to create a well-written content. The Grammarly tool has integration with Microsoft Office suit.

Grammarly has a unique feature of checking plagiarism also. It can find plagiarism phrases from your content which appears at other places on the web.

But sometimes the features fail if complex sentences are placed in Grammarly.

You can get the colorful report listing all your mistakes. You can save this report in pdf format. There is also a feature of printing this report.

Easy to use


Grammarly’s interface is too clean and simple.

It is the easiest interface in all alike tools. In all the reviewed tools, Grammarly scored highest for it’s easy to use interface.

It corrects your errors, grammar mistakes, and spelling errors. When Grammarly finds the error, it highlights the error in red color one at a time.  You will also get the short explanation of that error.



With the above-mentioned features like accuracy and other editing, feedback tools Grammarly also provide good help and support the feature.

You can get help through a forum and by interacting with other users. It will be a helping aid for you. Its explanation feature will teach

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