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All the key social media websites and other some sites were blocked in my college. While accessing some sites either it says this web page is not available, or this site has been blocked.  Recently I’m looking forward to accessing those blocked sites. I m looking for free methods that can help me to out of this problem.

Do you have the same problem?

Do you want to unblock those websites?

There are too many methods available like VPN software and PROXY. I tried each and every VPN, but I don’t even install VPN Software in my college computer because of installation security.
After in-depth research, I came to know that Proxy is the best way to access blocked websites. Proxy sites can open restricted website which is blocked in colleges, schools, etc.

So, today we wrote an article about 190+ Best And Free Proxy Sites that can help you to access blocked website at free of cost.

[note]What is Proxy Server[/note]

Free Proxy Sites

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According to Wikipedia, a proxy server is a server (a computer system or an application) that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients

seeking resources from other servers.

In simple words, they are have redirected your network requests through their servers so that you can access those websites because their servers are not blocked to access that site.

Proxy servers not only helps you to access blocked websites but also it helps you to surf of on the internet anonymously.

[note]How Can I Use Proxy Server To Access Blocked Websites?[/note]

We provide huge Free Proxy Sites  you just need to select any of this server and enter website that you want to access click on enter that’s all boom now you access blocked websites

Let’s say, if Facebook.com stuck in my college computer, and still, I want to access than I just go to hidester.com (you can select any Proxy Sites)proxy server list

and enter the URL in given box and just click on “Surf anonymously” Done 🙂 now you can access Facebook on your college computer also.

[note]My Favourite Free Proxy Sites[/note]

Here are the My Favourite 20 Free Proxy Sites that I am using daily basis in college and its works like a charm I highly recommend this Proxy server list to all of you.

1 : – https://www.proxysite.com11:- https://www.proxfree.com/proxy/
2:-   https://whoer.net/webproxy12:- http://dontfilter.us/
3:-   https://hide.me/en/proxy13:- http://myproxysite.org/
4:-   https://kproxy.com/14:- http://www.freeproxyserver.co/
5:-  https://www.hidemyass.com/proxy15:- http://unblocksite.org/
6:-  https://www.filterbypass.me/16:- https://www.freeproxy.asia/
7:-  http://free-proxyserver.com/17:- https://unblockfreeproxy.com/
8:- https://zend2.com/18:- http://www.videounblock.com/
 9:- http://zfreez.com/19:- https://proxyturbo.com/
 10:-https://www.freeproxy.uno/20:-  https://www.unblocker.us/

[note]Top 170  Free Proxy Sites 2016[/note]

🙂 Bonus 170 Free Proxy Sites for those who want access blocked website in colleges, schools, government offices, IP restricted, etc.

1. proxyturbo.com
2. freeopenproxy.com
3. proxify.co.uk
4. atozproxy.com
5. newipnow.com
6. unblockproxy.us
7. webproxy.co.nl
8. mysslunblocker.com
9. bypassfw.com
10. antycenzor.pl
11. dblocker.info
12. rocketprox.net
13. proxybrowser.nu
14. beanonymous.eu
15. proxysite.com
16. playproxy.com
17. unblockyouku.org
18. webproxy.us.com
19. peekatwork.com
20. skinftw.com
21. invades.info
22. superbproxy.com
23. chinagrows.com
24. schoolproxy.info
25. unblockfacebook.eu
26. prxy.eu
27. iplama.com
28. xperienc.com
29. anonymousserver.co.nl
30. cloakpoint.com
31. hidebuzz.us
32. surfpiles.com
33. fiberprox.eu
34. best-proxy.com.de
35. fiberproxy.mobi
36. unblocktwitter.eu
37. freewebproxy.asia
38. proxytunnel.net
39. primeproxy23.info
40. wobti.com
41. lolproxy.com
42. proxmyfire.com
43. anonysurf.com
44. coolbits.org
45. prontoproxy.info
46. freeproxyserver.io
47. shyf.info
48. hidemypen.com
49. unblockmediaproxy.com
50. anonymous24.pl
51. eblocker.info
52. positiveproxy.com
53. proxking.com
54. phpbido.com
55. lulul.info
56. hideproxy.online
57. websynchrony.com
58. incloak.es
59. orkja.com
60. vpnumbrella.com
61. webevade.com
62. xxlproxy3.com
63. bypassproxyfree.com
64. freeproxyweb.net
65. revko.info
66. mybypassproxy.com
67. okproxy.com
68. proxyfacebook.net
69. tbjr6.com
70. doobit.info
71. helpmehide.net
72. movieproxy.com
73. vpnapplication.com
74. usa-proxy.org
75. fasttime.info
76. 45bytes.info
77. hideme101.info
78. goproxing.biz
79. ublocker.info
80. web4proxy.org
81. torrentproxy.co
82. openzend.com
83. lurk.info
84. proxyanonymizer.net
85. freeninjaproxy.info
86. proxy-german.de
87. olympicproxy.net
88. doomshadow.com
89. proxy-service.com.de
90. anonyone.info
91. hidemein.space
92. unblockrunescape.com
93. .meinu.de>>meinu.de
94. hothide.com
95. goproxing.co.uk
96. unblock.co.nl
97. hidingnow.us
98. ciproxy.de
99. bypass-block.com
100. mittromneyisareptile.com
101. web-proxy.org.uk
102. dutchproxy.co.nl
103. unblockblockedwebsites.com
104. sblocker.info
105. hidesurf.us
106. fastusaproxy.com
107. proxyserver-free.com
108. proxysoftware.info
109. sslproxyfree.com
110. lihanboutje.nl
111. freebypassproxy.com
112. topicfish.com
113. kalando.info
114. wiefy.com
115. phproxysite.com
116. pixolium.com
117. proxyfree.org
118. german-webproxy.de
119. proxme.org
120. secretbrowser.net
121. rifffly.net
122. warpproxy.com
123. untracable.org
124. xblocker.info
125. uswebproxy.net
126. securehole.com
127. kproxy.asia
128. prontoproxy.com
129. proxied.net
130. youtube-proxy.co
131. nqma.net
132. newproxyserver.com
133. sporium.org
134. proxybrowser.org
135. securewebproxy.net
136. ikhebdorst.nl
137. bitcoin-proxy.com
138. 2proxy.de
139. miniprox.com
140. bypassfilters.org
141. gameproxy.org
142. onlineproxy.co.uk
143. german-proxy.de
144. emuby.com
145. surf100.com
146. unblockyoutube.co
147. surfsneaker.com
148. buzzblinks.info
149. changetheip.com
150. spyproof.net
151. proxyness.com
152. prox.pw
153. unblockerbrowser.com
154. internetunblock.us
155. surfall.net
156. usa-webproxy.com
157. opana.com
158. myvideoproxy.com
159. proxite.net
160. best-proxy.co.uk
161. newproxy.co.nl
162. ukwebproxy.eu
163. proxyscope.com
164. atoko.com
165. geekproxy.com
166. hispeed-proxserver.info
167. zagvoo.info
168. safeunblock.com
169. fro4nix.org
170. freesslunblocker.com

That’s it for now 🙂 I hope that this 190+ Free Proxy Sites helps you unblock blocked website. if you have any query comment down below in comment section.


Best And Free Proxy Server List
  • Free Proxy Servers List


You are Looking for free Proxy Servers List that can help you to access blocked websites?
In this article, we list down 190 Best and Free Proxy Server List take a look at it.

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