6 New Killer Features Of Whatsapp Version 2.12.250

Hey Techuhow blog readers, We hope all of you are enjoying Latest Tech Update from Techuhow. in the last article we are discussed on 10 Important Tips To Boost Android Phone Performance. hope your Android phone is now Fine and Fast. Today we are write article on 6 New Killer Features Of Whatsapp Version 2.12.250. As you all know that WhatsApp is one of the most leading social messaging app across the world. WhatsApp was the most globally popular messaging app with more than 600 million active users. Facebook-owned app that has made a new look of communication like Free SMS, Calling, and more emoticons. And day by day it add more and more features and give us updates. WhatsApp has launched a new update WhatsApp version 2.12.250 it has lots of features. Lets take the look on 6 killer Features.

List Of Killer Features [hr]

1) Mute Conversation

Now with a single contact, you can mute conversation for 1 year same as group chat.
[highlight]Go to Group—> Turn on mute—->Select any option you want[/highlight]

Mute Conversation

Mute Conversation

2) Network Usage

Now you can easily check how much data you used on WhatsApp account, no need to ask any customer care / anyone. Now you can easily make your data plan as per your usage.
[highlight]Go to Settings—>Account—>Network Usage[/highlight]

network usage

Network Usage

3) Mark as Unread

This feature is already well known you had used for Emails like “mark as unread” option, now WhatsApp has                 integrated this feature so now you can use it and never miss out the important message or shared things.
Go to settings—>

Mark as unread

Mark as unread

4) Different Color Emoticons

Color differences feature get added those who need emoticons in the different color they can use it.



5) Chats and Calls

WhatsApp has provided the best voice calling facility to all of us but the new feature they added that is “Low data            usage” option that will consume very low data and provide you a very good voice calling facility to us.
[highlight]Go to Settings—>Chats and Calls—>Low Data Usage[/highlight]

low data usage

Low Data Usage

6) Popup Notification

The new pop up incoming message on your mobile screen by this you do not have to access your main profile             page. you can check your message easily…!!
[highlight]Go to Settings—>Notification—>Popup Notification[/highlight]

popup notification

Popup Notification

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