10 Important Tips To Boost Android Phone Performance

Hey, Techuhow blog readers Here we are back with the new article. Every people face problem like their android phone start diminish after some months. every people need their phone in up to date situation and in better performance that fulfill their needs on time. All you have notice in their android phone that it become slow, hanging some time. So to solve this problem today we will show you 10 Important Tips To Boost Android Phone Performance

boost Android Phone

Boost Android Phone

[highlight]Know your android phone[/highlight]

Every people have to read their phone capability and their disadvantages. do not install unwanted apps on your phone which you don’t use at all, that will decrease performance.


[highlight]Uninstall unwanted apps[/highlight]

As many apps you install on your android phone it will consume your storage space and always running in background process. To keep your new android phone in the same performance i request you to remove/uninstall unwanted apps from the phone also in old phone you can improve its performance by removing unused apps or games heavy large storage unused apps, also do not install apps you hardly use.


[highlight]Kill background apps[/highlight]

Android has a multitask feature you can run multiple apps at a same time and do as many task you want. by this you also need to close unwanted apps which are open in background that will consume your battery and slow your performance. there are lots of apps that are used for killing unwanted apps and task apps…


[highlight]Update your android phone[/highlight]

some people are not aware of android firmware updates they should update their android phone timely. by updating you will get updates of your phone like higher performance and connectivity and more new features. You can check updates on your android phones, tablet and install new versions or updates.

You will find this feature in settings—>about phone…>system updates


[highlight]Disable/force stop unwanted apps[/highlight]

In every android phone there is a option to disable apps which is inbuilt apps and external apps. Disable feature will not uninstall apps from the mobile but it will not shown on home screen or desktop page and no background process will there in back-end. you can also enable them whenever you want to.


[highlight]Update your installed your apps[/highlight]

all android users should update your apps whenever you get notification. in that you will get updates of the apps, bug fixes, new versions, new design and more additional features.


[highlight]Top speed Memory Card[/highlight]

There are lots of memory card range like 512MB to 64GB in the market that you need to add in your phone. but before buying it you need to check it class like “class 6 / class 10” this are the versions of memory card class 10 is new version of it and also gives high performance and high loading speed so you can buy appropriate memory card to improve phone performance.


[highlight]Do not use live wallpaper[/highlight]

Many people use live wallpaper that gives a different look to your android phone but there are lots of drawbacks of it like it will slow down your OS, uses more memory space, reduce your battery quickly, and more…
so i request you all not to use “live wallpapers” remove it and boost your phone performance, and save battery…!!


[highlight]Remove unwanted widgets[/highlight]

widgets are the android features which will continuous run in the background and give you up to date information. EX:-calendar, clock, weather, wifi, gps and more.. if you will have more widgets it will slow down your phone. So keep widgets which are needed and remove others to improve your performance.


[highlight]Stop unwanted synchronization (sync.)


this is a best feature in a android phone that gives you notification when you get a new message, email) but it also have some drawback like it will run all time..in the background to remove from the background you need to keep sync off services only enable when you need to transfer or upload to google services.


In the end, i would like to to say that follow the suggestions and tips provided by us. Rather than this you can also go to google play Store and Download Clean Master (Free) app that are used for boosting your phone performance.


Download Link For Clean Master (Free) APK


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